Thursday, May 10, 2012

I'm Back, Again

So I pretty much suck at this blogging thing. It's not that I haven't been fishing; it's just that I haven't had much to say I guess. I've tied some flies and caught some fish, but nothing major. But I keep coming back here, so I'm going to give this another go. My plan is to revamp the layout and start posting some quality content on a regular basis, maybe some how to articles and such.

We'll see how this goes.

Monday, January 2, 2012

I'm Back

It's been a while, but I'm back. A lot of fishing-related stuff has happened in the last few months, but I just haven't felt like blogging about it. I didn't post for a few weeks, and I guess I just got lazy after that.

But with the new year comes new energy, so here's to a great 2012. To kick it off, I've been thinking about some fishing-related goals I'd like to accomplish this year. I mostly just enjoy going out and floating around in the kayak, but I thought I'd challenge myself a bit this year. So here they are-they're all pretty doable.

1. Catch  a 3 pound bass (at minimum) on the fly rod, with a fly I've tied.
2. Catch a striped bass on a homemade spinner.
3. Catch a smallmouth bass (we don't have any close to where I live).
4. Catch a fish in a state other than South Carolina.
5. Catch a 2 pound trout (at minimum) on the fly rod, with a fly I've tied.
6. Post to this blog at least twice a week.

Friday, August 26, 2011

First Topwater Bass

Got my first topwater bass tonight. I spent the first two hours unsuccessfully slinging a bass popper on my fly rod. Well, the casts were successful, but no bites. Just as I was heading to the landing, I switched over to a dollar black buzzbait I bought from Walmart. On my second cast, I heard an explosion of water. It was pretty exhilarating, given the fact that I couldn't really see anything. Not the biggest fish, but he put up a good fight on the tackle I was using.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Patience. . .

Had a chance to take the kayak out today. The weather was perfect-until I got there. It rained pretty much the whole time. I waited out the lightening and thunder for an hour or so and then fished in the rain. Not surprisingly, I had the whole place to myself. The plastic worms I usually use weren't getting it done, so I switched to a Berkley Havoc Pit Boss. I had bought these over a month ago at Dick's but had never used them. Good thing I did. On my second cast, I felt the familiar tug-tug. I set the hook and immediately knew I had something big. This was confirmed when it surged in the air about twenty feet from my kayak. I was using 6 pound test, and it took about two minutes to finally get it in the boat. I was a bit worried I was going to lose it since I had recently started debarbing my hooks, but the hookset was perfect-right in the corner of its lip.

I tried to line it up with the rod in the second picture so I could get somewhat of a measurement. I measured the rod when I got home and concluded that this chunker was between 19-21 inches. Based on a conversion chart I found on the internet, 20 inches would be 5 pounds. Apparently when they get longer, each inch makes a big difference in weight. It definitely felt at least five pounds. I still need to get a scale one of these days, but I just don't really care enough to spend the money.

I caught another largemouth, probably 14 or 15 inches, but he threw the hook before I could land him. I need to get a net, too.

Overall, it was another great day out on the water. Even though I only landed one fish in about five hours of fishing, it was still definitely worth it. It always is.

On another note, I received the fly tying materials (hooks, pheasant feathers, thread) that I ordered from Cabela's a few days ago, so I'll probably spend tonight tying my first fly. I'm really, really wanting to get better at fly fishing. I'm even considering going all fly fishing for the month of September just so I can focus more on it. But when I'm catching the kind of fish I did today, it's tough to put down the spinning rod.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fishing Update: 8/9

I was hoping this post would be about all the trout I caught on my fly rod while camping on the Chattooga this weekend, but I didn't catch any. It was pretty disappointing. I don't fly fish much, but I'm trying to get better at it, and after buying new fly line, leader, and a few flies, I was really looking forward to catching some trout and cooking them over a campfire. The trip was still awesome, but catching some fish would have been nice. I think it was just too hot. My wife caught one on a spinning rod on her first cast, but that was it. We saw eight dead fish on the small stretch of river where we were camping. They were definitely stocked rainbows. I guess they just don't have the natural instincts to seek out the colder water? When I was wading, it was pretty cold, but there were some big pockets where it felt like bath water.

Anyways, when I went to get all of my fly fishing stuff, I bought a few Cortland bass poppers. I took my kayak out today and tried them out. I got a lot of hits, but just from small panfish. It was in the middle of the day, and I didn't see a lot of bass rising. I think I am going to head out early one morning this week when the topwater bite is a bit better.

I did manage to catch one, though.

I caught this one fishing my regular, mid day summer pattern: weightless plastic worms, Texas-rigged, fished near deep structure. It put up a heck of a fight, and I thought I was going to lose it when it almost got tangled up in a submerged tree. I don't have a scale, but based on my estimation of its length, (16-18 inches, based on the fact that my kayak is 30 inches wide) it was about 3 pounds. It felt about that heavy, but maybe a bit less. I used a conversion chart located at this website.

Now I just need to catch one of these on a fly rod.